Global health and benefits solutions for multinationals

As corporations expand their operations across the globe, employers need to look at the scope and level of benefits they provide for both the local workforce and their increasingly mobile workers. Mercer helps you understand each country’s competitive practices and structure the most cost-effective approach to funding and administering benefit programs.


Another challenge involved in global expansion is identifying and managing the diverse health risks present in each location. Mercer’s global health management specialists understand how to incorporate unique health risks, delivery system attributes and cultural concerns into a global health strategy. Appropriate strategies for each country can be bundled under regional and global strategy arrangements to maximize financial impact and ensure consistent governance.


Our global solutions include the following:

Global Benefits Management (GBM)

GBM provides a way for you to optimize global cost savings for insured benefits while staying aligned with the company's risk strategy. Our GBM approach allows you to obtain the optimal balance between global expertise and local delivery by delegating or "out-sourcing" the broker relationship for global benefit programs to Mercer. The whole process is coordinated by a specialist management unit leveraging MercerGOLD+, our global online datase. The end result is an approach that supports your global benefits strategy and maximizes financial efficiency, including multinational pooling.

Global Health Management

Improved employee health and productivity will not only position your company as an employer of choice, but will also save money, reduce risk and contribute to your business results. Mercer’s dedicated team of health care professionals ensures that your global health management program will have globally consistent elements, but will be locally relevant.   


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Employers that have diverse geographic locations are increasingly recognizing the need to define an overarching global health management strategy to guide decisions for each location.  Mercer’s health management specialists help global organizations:


  • Define your vision, goals and objectives in relation to health and wellness 
  • Identify unique health risks and challenges in each country 
  • Determine how to align local and global programs to your organization’s vision and guiding principles 
  • Address issues such as outcomes, ownership, funding, program design and management, monitoring and measurement 
  • Identify the actions required to integrate the various programs in a manner that will maximize workforce health - including wellness programs, absence management, employee assistance programs, lifestyle modification, behavior change, acute and chronic disease management, and occupational health management. 


The end result is a consistent, yet locally-respected, long-term approach to managing and measuring workforce health.

Global mobility for expatriate workers

A globally mobile workforce is essential for competing in today’s global marketplace. Although expatriates may represent a small proportion of your workforce, the time and resources involved in managing them can be immense. Managing expatriate arrangements, however, presents a real challenge to ensure that programs are relevant, timely, cost-effective, and attractive to both new and existing talent. If managed effectively, expatriate health benefits can generate tremendous advantages by transferring cross-border knowledge, leveraging local investments and providing career development opportunities. The risk of not getting it right can be high.


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