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Managing a health plan requires a disciplined approach to ensuring that plans are competitive, effectively administered, financially well managed and compliant with an increasingly complex array of local and national regulations. Today’s economy has further strained employer capabilities to efficiently deliver all aspects of plan management. Mercer, a licensed insurance broker, can provide point solutions and full-service solutions for both plan management and health benefits administration.


Mercer provides both a core set of services that are available in most countries as well as some unique solutions available in select countries.


Core services 

Unique solutions 

  • Health benefits plan management
  • Vendor management: performance evaluation and audit
  • Financial management
  • Benefits compliance & regulatory services
  • Health benefits communication
  • Administration
  • Insured pensions
  • DC advisor services
  • Special risk programs

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The core services include:

Health benefits plan management

All health and benefit programs require an annual performance assessment, benchmarking against best practices, pricing, program marketing and renewal, communication, compliance and financial reporting. Mercer provides a comprehensive approach to all aspects of plan management. Where appropriate, we bundle this solution with administrative support for enrollment, billing and customer service. In other instances, we provide a project-based approach.

Vendor management: performance evaluation and audit

Increasingly, employers are asking for a sound corporate risk management program that assesses how vendors perform on key metrics including claim processing accuracy and timeliness, eligibility management, customer satisfaction and compliance. Mercer’s consultants and performance evaluation team can help you manage vendors and mitigate through a pro-active approach to performance expectations.

Financial management

Mercer’s actuaries and financial specialists provide best-in-industry approaches to evaluating the impact of plan design and pricing changes, projecting annual and multi-year cost trends, tracking results against budget, and setting reserves. Their knowledge helps us determine whether carriers are providing the right assumptions for renewing medical, life, disability and specialized coverages such as stop-loss coverage. Their experience is also helpful for identifying major cost drivers and validating the impact of new innovations.

Benefits compliance & regulatory services

Benefit programs are highly regulated on national and local levels. Health reform initiatives currently under consideration in many countries suggest that regulations will become more complex. Mercer’s consultants and specialists are dedicated to keeping clients informed about emerging legislation and regulatory changes, reviewing plan documents, bringing programs into compliance, and filing necessary forms.

Health benefits communication

The importance of getting employees to value the significant investment you make in benefit programs has never been higher. Employers are asking employees to get more engaged in understanding and managing their health risks, choosing the best providers, participating in care management programs, and managing their current and post-retirement benefit decisions. Mercer provides a full range of assistance from standardized programs for smaller employers to highly customized programs that fit your particular needs.


Plan administration is not a core competency that most employers have. Nor do they necessarily want it. In lean economic times they want access to the most efficient way of enrolling employees, reporting eligibility to carriers, managing employee life event changes and ensuring that carriers are paid the correct amount. Timeliness and accuracy are critical to ensuring that claims are paid correctly and only for participants who are truly eligible for the plan. Mercer provides standard solutions for smaller employers and tailored solutions for organizations that have more complexity.  In many countries we can also help you provide specialized enrollment and benefit administration services for voluntary or individual benefits


Unique solutions provided by some of our local H&B regions or countries include the following: insured pensions, DC advisor services and special risk programs.

Insured pensions

With an increasing trend towards defined contribution retirement provision, many pension plans are offered by insurance companies and, depending on local regulations, may incorporate death and disability benefits. Mercer can help design programs and audit existing arrangements against objectives and benchmarks. Once the plan design has been agreed, a thorough provider selection exercise will be undertaken and competitive terms negotiated using Mercer's extensive market reach. You will be supported with implementation, plan management and governance services to ensure that the plan continues to meet objectives and compliance obligations.

DC Advisor Solutions

Mercer’s DC Advisor service helps smaller employers in the US understand the landscape of defined contribution approaches, potential vendors, and ways to measure program outcomes. We gain a thorough understanding of your workforce, objectives and financial commitment in setting program design. Our deep knowledge of the vendor market is key to helping you select the best vendor and manage that vendor’s performance prior to and following implementation.
DC Advisors is a division of MMC Securities Corp. (MMCSC). Securities offered through MMCSC, member FINRA/SIPC. Variable Insurance products distributed through Marsh Insurance & Investments Corp. (MIIC), MIIC Insurance Services in California, and Marsh Insurance Agency & Investments Corp. in New York. MMCSC, MIIC and Mercer, Inc. are affiliated companies owned by Marsh and McLennan Companies, Inc.

Special Risk

Mercer’s special risk group is a dedicated team that places accident and health coverages. We provide consulting and brokerage services to national and multinational corporations of all sizes, seeking creative and comprehensive solutions to companies’ accident insurance needs. Special risk includes, but is not limited to, the following programs:


  •  Corporate accident  insurance
  • Student medical and sport accident programs 
  • International travel medical programs
  • Security & Travel Assistance programs
  • War Risk Accident programs


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