Strategic health solutions

Health and benefits solutions are a critical component of any organization’s total rewards offering. In today’s turbulent economy, employees are asking tough questions about the value of their benefits, particularly when they need to consider trade-offs between cash compensation and benefits. In countries where employers are primarily responsible for providing health benefits, we see that organizations seek sound ideas on how to meet the needs of different demographic groups while balancing corporate cost constraints.


Critical questions include how to:


  • Control health care cost trends  
  • Improve quality and outcomes
  • Motivate employees to take accountability for their health, enroll in programs that are tailored to improving their conditions and use the best providers for complex care
  • Provide an array of health and benefit programs that meet the diverse needs of employee populations 


Among the strategic health solutions Mercer offers are the following:

Total health management

Total health management (THM) is an approach to integrating health, disability and absence programs in a way that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of how these programs work with one another to achieve a seamless experience for employees. This approach can reduce total costs and improve workforce productivity above and beyond siloed interventions. 

Benefit strategies

Medical, life, accident, disability, and special risk benefits are critical to employees’ financial security. Employees can underestimate the value these benefits provide prior to a life event that underscores the value. The challenge is to ensure that the programs are competitively financed, vendors provide outstanding service at the time of life events and the designs meet employee needs.

Flexible benefits

Flexible benefits are emerging in many countries as a way to manage benefit cost and meet diverse employee needs. Countries that are dealing with high health care costs, in particular, are seeking ways to control those costs by offering alternative types of core or supplemental health benefits. They also allow employees to decide how to select a more personally meaningful set of benefits using their employer’s and their own contributions. In tough economic times, this approach allows you to provide additional choices without increasing benefit expense.

Absence management

Absence management strategies help you control cost and improve productivity improvement by implementing effective program designs and policies for time-off, disability and other programs that affect absence.



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